Sophie La Girafe So Pure Bandana To Chew

With a chewable part, made from 100% natural rubber. Made from 100% organic textile, it limits allergic risks. Fixed around Baby’s neck, the bandana enables to protect Baby and his clothes from saliva. Smart, it has a rubber part to chew, so Baby can be relief when teething.

- It is light and easy to tie.
- The triangular shape enables Baby to keep his mobility without being disturbed by a bib.
- With Velcro ties, it easily adapts to Baby’s neck.
- With an embroidered side and a pattern side.

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Dimensions (Inches): 5.71' x 11.81'
Dimensions (cm): 14.5 cm x 30 cm
Age: 6 Months & Up

1 Two Kids is the exclusive distributor for the Vulli range of products in the UK and Ireland. We opened for business in Spring 2008 and with three young kids we are very much a family business. It all started when our friends came back from holiday in France with a gift for our twin babies - their very own Sophie la girafes, hand made from natural rubber. We immediately saw just how much our kids fell in love with Sophie...and then all their friends did too!

In France, we discovered, Sophie is a legendary toy. Over there it has been the first gift given to newborns for more than 50 years. At that time you couldn't easily find her in the UK so we decided that we had to share France's best kept secret with all our friends. Since then we've been searching out other fantastic products. We hope you enjoy the site and find all sorts of wonderful items for your little ones.

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.