Plog It Green

PLOG-IT cords offer infinite possibilities! Choose a lightbulb and/or lampshade as well as the colour of cable that matches your décor to personalize your lighting.

- PLOG-IT Wall plug, Black base measuring 16’ 5” / 5 m
- Coloured electrical cords

Dimension: 16’ 5” / 5 m

The designer, Maryline Scaviner is an artist specializing in tailor-made, chic chandeliers and out of the ordinary for 15 years. By exploring her passion for colors and play, she designs Plog-it to stimulate your creativity with products to the miles and possibilities. 

With a minimalist and efficient design, Plog-it is a brilliant concept in a multitude of colors, to illuminate and enhance your interior and give it an energizing and trendy touch. Just add an original bulb and a lampshade of your choice to create an ambiance all yours.

Utility, the luminaire Plog-it is modulable to the constraints of the parts to be illuminated. It can either be plugged into an electrical outlet, attached to the ceiling, rolled on a pulley system or pinned to a wall. 

Plog-it mixes, hangs, arranges to the liking of the cravings. Let your imagination run wild! Knot, braid, wind, to create a unique light that resembles you.

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.