Oeuf Universal Security Rail

This security rail is a useful addition to the River Twin Bed, Perch Bunk Bed or Sparrow Twin Bed. The rail provides protection from night-time falls, which allows a a younger child to skip the toddler bed and move straight from a crib to a twin bed.

74 cm x 37 cm
29 1/8'' x 14.5''


Sustainably produced in Europe

Made of eco-MDF

Finishes are non toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards

Made under European environmental standards

Packaging made of recycled cardboard

Responsible recycling through licensed collecting facilities

Other info:
The mattress for the lower bunk must be between 5-8'd when using the guard rail.
Like the contours of its namesake, Oeuf (which means “egg” in French, pronounced like the "uff" in stuff) is about simple, clean design applied to the necessities of a well-equipped nursery.

Oeuf’s founders and designers, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, are a French-American husband-and-wife team based in Brooklyn.

Oeuf was created when Sophie and Michael became first-time parents in 2002. As part of a new generation of design-conscious and environmentally-aware parents, they realized they had to redesign everything themselves to merge their existing aesthetics with traditional nursery design.

They believe strongly that while babies don’t need many items, they do need some essential pieces. Oeuf’s mission is to make those essentials practical and stylish, without compromising quality and safety - their top priority.

Easy to use

Easy to assemble

Oeuf products meet or exceed all Canadian and US safety standards


Made in Latvia, a nation with a strong woodworking heritage, from locally sourced wood

Finishes are non-toxic and water-based, free of VOC health hazards

Made in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility

Wood wastes and finishing materials are recycled

Packaged in recycled cardboard

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.