notNeutral City Plates Rome

Rome - pop. 3.9 million
Rome holds a unique place in history as a single city that became a world empire. The Roman Empire extended its power by planting new cities, a practice that made land surveying and city planning essential as part of the imperial process.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, a period of infamous debauchery and decay, Rome was rejuvenated and rebuilt by the Catholic Church as a symbol of the empire of Christianity. The resulting Vatican City (in green) and St Peter’s Basilica (in red) are seen on the left of the plate. The Baroque city planning established a new order on top of the historic Roman core (in white) includes the distinctive ruins of the Coliseum (in red) and the Circus Maximus (in green). Today Rome's historic symbolism is a defining characteristic of the modern city. Most of Rome’s economy is derived from tourism that celebrates its past, rather than its future.  

These porcelain plates measure 12” across, with each city’s downtown core printed on a black background. Key buildings are represented with red icons, while rivers and public spaces are shown in blue and green. Each plate is boxed and includes a key to the buildings and spaces included on the plate.

• 12' diameter
• Dishwasher safe
• Boxed with Printed Key

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12’’ across



Welcome to notNeutral’s world. notNeutral is the product design company affiliated with the award-winning Los Angeles based architecture and design firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Growing out of a close collaboration between these two companies, products are inspired by gardens, buildings are inspired by plates and patterns are inspired by urban plans. Their designs emerge from their desire to synthesize the world around them. They create bold, colourful and innovative products that encompass all categories of the modern lifestyle: Gift, Garden, Dine, Home, Kids. Their vibrant, confident and streetwise products are unique and accessible, expressing individuality and choice.

notNeutral has built a unique following that attracts young-spirited, colourful individuals who are looking for designs that express their style. They’ve become known to design savvy consumers as the alternative for innovative colour palettes, a contemporary take on the ordinary and design that is unquestionably not neutral.

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