Nook Pebble Lite Crib Mattress Wrap Sea Glass


Change Your Style in a Snap

When it’s time for a nursery makeover, just unzip the Pebble Wrap and swap colors. Extra wraps are also great to have on hand while your Pebble Lite Crib Mattress cover is in the wash.

Instant Nursery Makeover

Whether your Pebble Wrap is in the wash or you just want to change up your nursery look, it’s great to have extra Pebble Wraps on hand.

Zip off your Pebble Lite Crib Mattress cover and slide on a different Pebble Wrap for each season, or to freshen up your nursery style.

Safe and Organic

You can rest assured that your Pebble Wrap helps create a safer, healthier place for your baby to sleep at night and during naps.

Nook’s proprietary Pebble fabric includes a patented asymmetrical pebble design and nano-level technology to maximize breathability.

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Dimensions (Inches): 28 x 53 x 4
Dimensions (cm): 71.1 x 134.6 x 10.1

Independently owned and operated, Nook Sleep Systems operates out of Southern California. They source as many local and organic materials and manufacturing processes as possible. Their certified organic wool comes from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon and their organic cotton comes from deep in the heart of Texas. Yee-haw!.

Nook is the only infant bedding system to consider infant health across platforms of breathability, non-toxicity and cleanliness in the creation of all of its products. Every detail from sleep surface to zipper is carefully questioned, analyzed and tested prior to product release. Consumer considerations are important to us as they help us perfect our products.

- Materials: Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Easy-Close Nylon Zipper

- Care Instructions: Machine wash alone in cold water with a mild detergent, and tumble dry low.

- Usage: For use only with the Pebble Lite Crib Mattress.

Availability: This item ships within 3-5 business days from the warehouse.