Magisso Pet Water Bowl Large

$54.39(CAD) $63.99(CAD)
The new Magisso Cooling Ceramics Pet Bowl keeps water and food at ideal cool temperature for hours and limits bacterial contamination. Soak the Magisso Cooling Ceramics Pet Bowl in water for 60 seconds to activate the natural cooling effect for several hours. Magisso Cooling Ceramics keeps your best friends water cool and fresh without the use of cords, batteries, power or having to add ice.  You can also create your very own design or write a message on the side of the Happy Pet Bowls with chalk.  

- Cool and clever
- Naturally

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Dimensions (Inches): 8'
Dimensions (cm): 20 cm

Miika Mansikkamaa is a talented young inventor, designer and entrepreneur. Always the creative type and very conscious of his surroundings, he likes order, style and simplicity.

Never knowing were to put his kitchen cloth so that it can be accessible without being an eyesore was an irritant for him. One day while performing a party trick with two magnets and a matchbox, he realized that he had found his solution. The kitchen cloth holder was born and he founded Magisso to bring his product to market.

His curved stainless steel kitchen cloth holder was first presented at the Finnish Housing Fair in 2007 with great success.

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