Lucie Kaas Red Ceramic Bowl With White Lotus Pattern Medium

The Arne Clausen collection with the iconic 'Lotus' pattern originally designed by the Norwegian artist Arne Clausen in the 1960's has been reissued in ceramic earthenware.

The name Arne Clausen might not sound familiar to many people, nevertheless, the Norwegian artist had a very influential role in one of Scandinavia's biggest design successes in the 1960's. Arne Clausen was employed as a decorator at the Norwegian factory Cathrineholm and he is behind the world famous 'lotus' pattern which adorned many of the most popular products from Cathrineholm. Other than being used to decorate products from Cathrineholm the 'lotus' pattern also found its way to Denmark where it was used to decorate porcelain items from Lyngby Porcelæn.

The iconic 'lotus' pattern is by many considered one of the most powerful examples of timeless Scandinavian design. In collaboration with Arne Clausen's family we have launched a collection of ceramic bowls where the beautiful 'lotus' pattern again comes to its right.

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Dimensions (Inches): 7.09' H
Dimensions (cm): 18 cm H

Lucie Kaas was founded when creative director Esben Gravlev discovered an iconic pattern and some old, wooden animals. Captured by the story reflected in the items, he decided to start telling their stories to the rest of the world - creating the main foundation for Lucie Kaas.

A commitment to storytelling is still what characterizes our approach to design. It is our mission to discover designers and create objects that can tell a story, whether that lies in the history of the designer, the use of materials or the shape of the object.

We have reflected our mission in a broad and growing range of interior objects for different rooms and occasions. We work with designers from both now and then, each with their own unique ability to create personal, storytelling objects that can inspire our customers to create their own stories with our designs.

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