Kahler Bottino Small Green

Kähler's Bottino, is inspired by the classic fishing float, which apart from belonging to a distinctly masculine universe also holds great beauty in its geometric shapes and decorations.

Designer: Agnes Fries

9 cm w x 16,6 cm h
3.5'' w x 6.5'' h


Artistic Ceramics Through Generations

Since the founding in 1839, Kähler has been presented at exhibitions and museums around the world.  

Kähler is an internationally recognized ceramics company with a strong artistic heritage.  100 years ago, respected artists as Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøi and Kai Nielsen explored ceramics at Kähler.

Today among others Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz and Jeanette List Amstrup carry on the tradition – with the ambition of bringing art to the people.

Kähler honors art. Then. And now.

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