Janod Owly Clock


Wooden double-sided owl to help learn to tell time while having fun!

One side with clock hands for learning to tell time and the other side with a chalkboard for practicing.

Clock can be set down or hung up.

Solid wood numbers and water- based paint.

Includes a box of chalk and a brush.

Panel in plywood and pieces in beechwood.

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3 To 7 years

(32x6.5x39 cm)
JANOD, France's leading wooden toy company.

In 1970, Louis Janod founded the company Janod in Orgelet. With his associate Serge Salvi, he developed the business and focused on the design and sale of traditional toys (spinning tops, yo-yos, skittles, etc.).
From 2004, Pascal Bernard, CEO, set up a full-scale design department. Each year, in-house designers together with a team of computer graphics artists and product managers design 150 new wooden and cardboard games and toys.

Traditional games and toys with a contemporary design!

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