Fatboy PFFFH Round Ottoman


This retro look will definitely make you a bit nostalgic. And because of its vintage looks, it looks like the Pfffh could be a particularly cherished family heritage. But the Pfffh is far from being out of fashion.

The Pfffh is available in four different colors and in combination with rich prints, each color is more than able to revive any room. High quality woven acrylic jacquard fabric is supplied by Sunbrella. The fabric has a water resistant treatment making the pouf also perfect for outdoor use.

The sleek, round shape contributes to a modern feel and the various colorful prints give it a fresh and trendy look. And thanks to its exaggerated size, it also looks solid and robust. Pfffh has the perfect size and allows to sit at least 2 vintage fana.

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Dimensions (Inches): 35 x 16
Dimensions (cm): 89 x 41

Created in 2000 by award winning Finnish designer, Jukka Setala (a graduate of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki), fatboy, aka ‘’beanbag’’ of the 21st century, has since conquered the world with its large haute couture cushions. It adds a playful sense of whimsy and comfort to interiors of over 50 countries around the world.

Currently available in over 50 countries and featuring a steadily growing product line, the name fatboy has quickly become synonymous with comfort, functionality and fun. Available in a wide range of vibrant, dynamic colors and featuring a myriad of functional uses, fatboy is the modern alternative to the beanbag of yesteryear. These fun, playful, and functional lounge bags feel right at home anywhere you put them--every living room, bedroom, and dorm room deserves its own fatboy!

Material 100% Sunbrella
Stuffing High Density EPS Core
with Comfy Foam Top

Availability: This items ships within 2-3 business days from the warehouse.