Dolce Aardvark

Our interesting and hilarious Aardvark is packed with educational value. From its vibrating ant friend to its crinkle ears, click clack tail, ribbons, plastic rings, crinkle ears and carry handle with counting beds. All go to make our Aardvark one of the best educational toys in the world.

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At Dolce, we understand the importance of learning as your child plays. Starting from the essence of fun, observation, touch and education, every one of our products has been designed and manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and materials. With our design team based in Europe, we understand what is required in today’s world for you to educate and interact with your baby so they can learn through playing! 

With years of experience in the baby, nursery business our team of professionals ensure that your child will enhance their ability to learn as they interact with our toys. We also believe that the child benefits enormously through interaction with you as a parent or care giver. Our characters are fun and timeless! 

Dolce - Develop, Observe, Learn, Create and Educate!

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.