Blomus TEA JANE Tea Maker Glass

The TEA-JANE Tea Maker for your own personal tea ceremony.

The TEA-JANE tea maker is far more than just a simple teapot - with this product you will experience the intense enjoyment of tea, which goes far beyond just a treat for your taste buds. With the wonderful interplay of colours you will see throughout the tea-preparation process, tea brewing also becomes a visual pleasure.

Not only elegant, but practical too.

The design of the TEA-JANE Tea Maker follows blomus principles: expressive materials are skilfully fashione using a coherent design language, creating a unique product which is both subtle and exciting. Thanks to its large glass handle, the pot is always easy to use, and the stainless-steel top and rubberised plastic insert form a secure and reliable seal.

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Dimensions (Inches): 4.80 W x 6.77 D x 7.01 H
Dimensions (cm): 12.2 W x 17.2 D x 17.8 H

Blomus’ aim is to harmonise form and function to create special products for everyday life. By creating accessories that combine simplicity of function with the beauty of the material.

For them, design is not an end in itself, but an important part of everyday life. As expressed in the things in daily use, in accessories and in decorative items.

To soften the cold and sterile edge of the material stainless steel and combine it with other materials without losing sight of their overall aim – that is the objective of their design philosophy.

A completely new way to experience tea.

With this TEA-JANE product, the preparation of tea becomes something very special indeed. The tea is not just brewed. Instead, most of the hot water goes directly into the pot whilst the tea itself is intensively brewed in the plastic insert with just a little water. The result is a very perfumed tea-infusion, which with a twist of the lid, then flows down into the water in the pot. This process begins an exhilarating play of colours as the small, colourful tea clouds mix with the water, offering a promise of the intimate tea experience which is to follow . It does not matter if you prefer to enjoy a fruit tea with friends in the summer on the terrace, or wish to brew a black tea for a cosy evening in the winter - with the TEA-JANE tea maker each brewing opportunity becomes an event to enjoy.

For both special occasions and everyday use.

Thanks to its one-litre capacity, your TEA-JANE tea maker will still serve you well, even if a few unexpected guests arrive. And OOLONG silicone coasters are the ideal accessory to complete your tea set. These are the perfect size and design to complement your TEA-JANE tea maker – and they will protect your table too.

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