Blomus ARA Soap Dispenser Taupe

More style for the bathroom - with the soap dispenser ARA

The soap dispenser ARA gets a whole new combination of materials in the bathroom collection: polystone and stainless steel look together not only look good, but combine equal several advantages in itself, so that the soap dispenser is more than a mere commodity.

- Designer:Uwe Spannagelhaus
- Material:Satin stainless steel, plastic, polystone

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Dimensions (Inches): 2.40 W x 3.23 D x 6.61 H
Dimensions (cm): 6.1 W x 8.2 D x 16.8 H

Blomus’ aim is to harmonise form and function to create special products for everyday life. By creating accessories that combine simplicity of function with the beauty of the material.

For them, design is not an end in itself, but an important part of everyday life. As expressed in the things in daily use, in accessories and in decorative items.

To soften the cold and sterile edge of the material stainless steel and combine it with other materials without losing sight of their overall aim – that is the objective of their design philosophy.

Clear design - great effect

The design of blomus convinced with characterful forms that give a lot of expression objects. That's also the soap dispenser ARA the case: He acts with his large, round body and the square outlet for the soap simply impressive. So the soap dispenser is an eye-catcher at the sink and also the accessory with which you can make your bathroom more homely and give it a personal touch.

Exciting material combination

The optical effect of the soap dispenser ARA is further enhanced by the materials used in their unique interplay. While the stainless steel radiates cool elegance, the artificial stone material gives the soap dispenser is a very natural effect. The result is a combination in which, although the material contrasts, but forms a unit by the simple forms. This double contrast makes the soap dispenser to something out of the ordinary, without being intrusive acts in decorative ensembles.

Quality that convinces

But when soap dispenser ARA it comes naturally is not just about style - even if it is available in three pleasant neutral shades (anthracite, white, taupe). With a volume of 150 milliliters, he will win with its 'inner values' in itself because too frequent refilling deleted. The processing is as in blomus usual, very high quality, especially the moving parts of the mechanism are robust. This applies of course to the outer stainless steel and polystone parts. These can be also easy to clean, which is a considerable advantage for a soap dispenser.

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.