BACSAC Baclong 2 - 70L

It’s a pot. A pot for plants.
A pot for flowers.
A weightless, flexible and user-friendly pot.

It’s a weightless and portable bag that follows you everywhere, inside the house, outside on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden.

It’s a new generation of flexible plant containers.
Its double-walled geotextile fabric, 100% recyclable, maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water.
Frost and sun resistant, BACSAC is suitable for all environments.

It’s Nature in a bag.

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60 cm l x 30 cm p x 40 cm h
23.6 l x 11.8’’ p x 15.7’’ h


BACSAC® was born with the encounter between designer Godefroy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu. Together, they looked for an alternative solution to get around the constraints of the creation of a roof garden in town: difficulties of transportation, excessive weight, but also lack of choice of containers, most of which are often very expensive. How can we reverse the tendency to pay more for the container than the contents? How can we make mobile an installation which is often fixed because of its weight and its rigidity? How can we create a planted area at the lowest cost?

The idea of planting in bags comes from this desire to change habits and promote what should be - the plant; a return to the basics which is to contain the earth in order to cultivate it.

That is how they came to launch the manufacture of bags in a permeable geotextile.  Not only is it lightweight, but it also prevents asphyxiation of the soil. The good circulation of air and water within the BACSAC® promotes plant growth, the conditions can almost be compared to those in the earth. The lightness of the bags (less than 1kg) also discharges the roof garden of the heavy weight of traditional containers. 

Since its launch in 2008, BACSAC has had great success. Landscape professionals love the ingenuity of the concept, architects, and town planners see its potential for projects, and everyone appreciates its flexibility, mobility, and weightlessness.

Photo (from left to right): Godefroy de Virieu, Louis de Fleurieu and Virgile Desurmont


How to install the bacsquare:
Open and unfold your BACSQUARE®, put it in a sunny, wind sheltered place. Attach the straps loosely.
Fill with soil. The straps define your growing areas. Fasten the straps to position the edges vertically.
Plant 1 to 16 seedlings per growing area, respecting the growth of each plant. 

Start whenever you want:
can be set on any ground
suits even small spaces
accessible to children and grown-ups 

Practice crop rotation:
Uses less water than a traditional garden
Reduces the use of fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide
Avoids waste, you produce only what you need

Grow your garden all year long:
Low maintenance, efforts are rapidly rewarded
Produces five times the yield of a traditional garden
Fresh and healthy vegetables throughout the year 

A new generation of flexible plant containers:
frost and uv-resistant cloth
draining and root protective felt
a permeable geotextile fabric, lets the soil breathe and the water pass through, while limiting evaporation

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