Area Bedding Anton Ivory King Fitted Sheet

This new appealing sheet collection is dyed and washed in smaller batches. The washing gives it a very relaxed, non-fussy look. The colors are dyed to match our new SALLY blankets. Together, they offer options to coordinate or mix and match the bed look.

Materials: 100% Cotton Percale

Dimension (inches): 78 x 80
Dimension (cm): 198 x 203

"We are a small, independent company that embraces individuality." – Anki Spets

Area is a New York company that makes really nice bedding and home accessories. Swedish founder, Anki Spets, started Area in 1990 to offer informal yet sophisticated products for the home and continue the Scandinavian tradition of good design for everyday.

Area products are an expression of a personal design perspective, which constantly strives for excellence. 

All area products are designed by Anki Spets.  The carefully chosen colors, one-of-a-kind patterns and subtle details are what make each area item distinct and unique. All of their products are made from natural fibres.  Materials and factories are carefully chosen from around the world to ensure quality goods that last.

They offer continuity and endless coordination possibilities.  Products are designed to last both in style and in quality.  They help create intelligent, well-designed personal environments – with comfort and personality.

Availability: This item ships within 1-2 weeks from the warehouse.